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How do I feel: No more crazy traffic, it’s Thursday and the weekend is on the horizon. I’m caffeinated and feeling mighty fine.

Disclaimer: there are no awesome food pictures in the rest of this post, so instead, I’m adding in a video from this past summer to show you a healthy and flavorful dish I made for that awesome contest you all helped me win for The Bite of Seattle. If you’re looking to be entertained, or get an idea for dinner this week, this is your chance (at least as far as my blog today is concerned). If you’ve seen it before, scroll down to read about the most obscene cravings I’m having right now:

We are really angling in on the home stretch, folks. I have been having totally RAND-OH food cravings. Things I don’t even want during my regular life. This is very clearly the “I want all the things I cannot have” phase that anyone experiences (from what I hear) when they go through a cleanse. I, of course, wouldn’t know anything about that because up to now I’ve never taken on a cleanse. I don’t really even consider this experiment a cleanse – it’s an experiment to me. But I see how I am, indeed, cleansing my system of all the things.

As I’ve stated time and again, I am not a sweets person. Chocolate? Pass, cookies? Meh. Really only my own homemade snicker doodles or oatmeal macadamia nut get me excited. Cake? Well, carrot cake is a YES, but that’s another topic entirely. So why, oh why, did I think to myself, “I really want to bite into a deep friend Twinkie and feel all the sugary center ooze out.” What. Is. Wrong. With. Me…………sick.

Also: cheese pizza (disgusting deep dish Pizza Hut, not some beautiful Tom Douglas or Via Tribunali), eggs benedict, grilled cheese sandwich, cappuccino, Le Panier amandine, Beechers cheese curds….the list goes on. I supposed I should stop walking the market by myself on Sundays for “inspiration,” when it really turns torturous. Also, if I don’t hit up the Daily Dozen soon, steer clear of me.

I know what’s going to happen – I’ll have something ridiculous on say, Day 4 or 7 during the post-Whole30 phase of reintroducing food groups and it’ll make me feel so sick and that’ll be the end of it. So I guess for now, I’m just biding my time until that happens. My dad (who I know is reading this – HI DAD!) continuously tells me, “everything in moderation, Peerhead” (that’s one of his nicknames for me….) which is always a great reminder. Sometimes all I need is one, single, sumptuous bite.

I wish I had a thousand beautiful pictures for you – but the ones I have are for DAY 28 (remember, in real life, I’m 5 days ahead, which means it’s actually DAY 30 and I cannot wait for you to read ALLLL about it, so please stick with me!). So let’s just break down the boring slate for today and get you on your way, shall we?

Food Diary:

Breakfast: (say it with me now) coffee, homemade almond milk, 2 soft boiled eggs and a banana. Plus the last of the frittata from brunch with Adam and Troy and a ton of water.

Lunch: the end of the cinnamon pot roast with mint and sauce, steamed spinach, Fuji apple

Dinner: leftover celery soup with a side of almonds, dates and currants

Lesson of the day: Don’t cave. Maintaining your integrity and seeing something through to the end is so much more rewarding than [in this case] a deep fried Twinkie… (look people, they’re not all going to be amazing nuggets worthy of repeating. We can’t all be Rumi, right?!)

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