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How do I feel: Nervous…..I now realize the switch back to “regular life” is going to bring some changes I might not be fond of….

I am sure this feeling is normal, right?! Let’s consult the guide….

[from their site]:

Days 29-30: HolyOprahIt’sAlmostOverWhatAmIGoingToEatNow?!?!?!

It’s day 29, and you’re still rocking. The thoughts you had yesterday of throwing in the towel are gone. You cruise through the day and as you crawl into bed you have a small thought that then grows into full-blown cold-sweat panic. Holy crap. Tomorrow is day 30. The last day. What the hell are you going to do after that?! You worked so hard, fought through all the anger, the naps, the cravings to get to the awesome you’re feeling now. The rules have been your backbone, your lifeline, your excuse for being “that person” in social situations. Are you just going to give them up on day 31? No. You firmly resolve that there will be no deviation on day 31. If it ain’t broke… It’s totally normal to feel a twinge of panic as your Whole30 comes to a close.  For the past month, you’ve lived, breathed, and literally eaten the rules. You feel incredible in your new high-octane body. It’s natural to hesitate at the thought of making any changes – even if the change is a return to what was “normal” for you before. And, the truth is, you don’t have to go back to the way you used to eat. But keep in mind that the Whole30 was intended to be a reset, an introduction into the world of Good Food. I know it’s scary, but keep an open mind, okay?

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And yet, I know that I cannot continue to live strictly within the Whole30 guidelines forever. It’s just not manageable. Today is a Monday, and having my regular structure of bus, work, bus, workout/run in the dark/rain, cook dinner, etc. is a welcomed set up for coming off the weekend.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Yes, I am recycling pictures now….but we all know I’ve had enough eggs to sink a ship, so there’s no point in continually photographing them. Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Saying Mondays are less than glamorous would be an understatement, but I try my best to just push right through and be present. Breakfast is the same as always, sorry to disappoint – although I suppose you could look at it from the “glass is half full” perspective and say that I am dependable, if nothing else, right? Coffee (2 cups, one while getting ready and dancing in the kitchen while my eggs boil, and then a second one in my go mug for the bus ride), homemade almond milk, a large banana and those hearty 2 soft boiled eggs.

I glide through the day with a basic salad composed of grilled chicken, tomato, avocado, baby spinach and Tessemae’s lemon garlic dressing. Plus, I have an apple and huge mug of tea with a handful of almonds.

Dinner? You guessed it, curried mussels leftovers, but the portion is a bit meager, so I add more green beans and some sautéed chicken breast to it and enjoy a couple glasses of sparkling water with lime juice. Today is one of those days you could set your watch to – completely normal, uneventful, and for that I am grateful.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 Siiri Sampson. All rights reserved.

I also put my car up for sale tonight on Craigslist, after getting it completely ready (cleaned it out, detailed it and took pictures of it myself yesterday before heading out on my adventures). Fingers crossed for a quick, easy and reasonably priced sale!

Lesson of the day: Food is for enjoying, but also for nourishing and I shouldn’t be hard on myself if I only successfully fulfill one of those on some days.

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