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Siiri Sampson having coffee at Cafe Campagne in Seattle's Historic Pike Place Market

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As in, if I had told you at the end of my last post that I was going to take a lunch break and then post later in the afternoon, it would’ve been the worlds longest lunch break….

We all know this happens to me sometimes, right? Blogging is just one of those things (for me) that sometimes takes a back seat as the course of life ebbs and flows. And things have been really very exciting around these parts. So I’ve been dark with good reason. But it’s time to fill in the blanks, as it were. I have loaded a ton of pictures, edited some and not others. I made a list of posts I want to get up soon, which will be interesting (let’s see how far I get, shall we?), as I continue to work on other food related projects behind the scenes.

I apologize in advance that you are going to read things like a St. Patrick’s Day post in June. But I have a feeling you don’t much care, so long as I promise to entertain you – and when was the last time I failed that mission?! Perzactly.

Brace yourself for some dusty ideas, pictures, dishes and conversations (with myself) from the archives of the past 2 months. I hope I don’t disappoint you! (but then again you can just close the web browser, I won’t know!)


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